A proton pump inhibitor which temporarily suppresses the production of acid by the stomach lining. Used for the treatment of E.G.U.S. (gastric ulcers). Ulcers are prone to recurrence following cessation of treatment with Omeprazole.

Side Effects.

Acid Rebound – excess acid production when treatment stops.

Reduced activation of the enzyme pepsin which reduces protein digestibility

Reduced Calcium & Magnesium absorbtion. Supplementation of these minerals is probably appropriate, especially when treatment is prolonged.

Potential for overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria normally inhibited by stomach acid – this is a theoretical problem but has not been demonstrated to have clinical significance yet.

Omeprazole is an effective treatment for E.G.U.S. and the only drug licensed specifically for this use in horses in Australia. It is available only on prescription by a veterinarian.

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