Pectin a.k.a. Uronic Acid

A polysaccharide carbohydrate component of plant cell walls readily fermented by the hind gut microflora it forms part of the soluble fibre in the diet. Pectin forms 2%-5% of cereals and grasses but better sources include apple pomace 15%, sugar beet 30% and soy and lupin hulls, up to ~37% pectin content. This can be exploited as it provides an energy rich alternative to starchy concentrates such as grain, or hay which may be potentially high in NSC, for use in horses with Insulin Resistance, Laminitis, PPID etc. When these pectin rich alternative fibre sources are used, attention should be paid to dietary mineral and trace element intake to ensure adequacy.

Pectin forms a gel in water and is used as the setting agent for jam.

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