spelletsHorsepower Spellets are designed to provide simple feeding efficiency for the stud and spelling farm. They are a pelletised form of supplementation, common known as a “balancer pellet”, and are primarily designed to supplement a grain based diet.

Horsepower Spellets formulation is based on thousands of blood and pasture analysis and so contains significantly higher levels of minerals and trace elements.

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Analysis per kg

Energy 11.4 MJ Zinc 655 mg Vitamin B3 175 mg
Protein 25 % Copper 310 mg Vitamin B5 16 mg
Lysine 1.3 % Manganese 685 mg Vitamin B6 6 mg
Calcium 2.3 % Iodine 2.5 mg Folic Acid 12 mg
Phosphorus 1.2 % Cobalt 2.5 mg Biotin 400 mcg
Potassium 1.3 % Selenium 1.5 mg Folic Acid 36mg
Sodium 1.0 % Vitamin A 2200 IU Crude Fibre 8 %
Magnesium  0.5 % Vitamin E 400 mg Crude Fat 2.8 %
Sulphur 3.2 g Vitamin B1 12 mg Zeolite 1 %
 Iron 475 mg Vitamin B2 8 mg Methionine 0.5%
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*Hay (meadow, clover or lucerne) or pasture ad-lib to be included in all diets. To find out more about the importance of roughage in a horse’s diet, click here

Horsepower Spellets include high quality protein sources (soyabean / canola) providing essential amino acids, bran, pollard and ENS Premix providing essential minerals and trace elements.

Available in 20 kg bag, bulka bags and bulk

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